Anonymous sent: How do you feel like being an older VIP? I'm about to turn 20 and I sometimes feel like I'm too old to fangirl since everyone is like 15 and under. I wish I knew VIPs my age. :-(

I totally understand how you feel because I just turned 22 and feel ancient sometimes, but there are a lot of other people who feel the same way. I’ve heard about middle aged women going to concerts in Japan, and I even met two women in their early 30s with kids, waiting for hours in the VIP queue line at Big Bang’s concert in LA :P Just know that you’re not alone, because Big Bang’s music reaches a really wide age range, which is something that I think is worth being proud of them for

  1. at-atsaremadeofcake said: pfft I’ll be 35 this year and I have kids. Been fangirling (for other groups and bands) since I was in school; not gonna stop now lol No worries at all^^
  2. ebunnybee said: Don’t worry about your age, darling. I am a 25 year old VIP living near Tokyo, Japan and I love my fabulous adult life. All that matters is our love for BB. <3
  3. fantasticbaeby said: Amen to that. I’m 23 (//sobs) and my sister keeps saying “I’m waiting for you to grow out of it.” Oh well, we can all fangirl together with our old selves~ :D
  4. ikanrerama said: i’m 32. you guys make me feel ancient. ;P
  5. fuzzycerts said: feeling ancient at 20/22?! i’m 26! how do you guys think I feel? lol
  6. -bollockywankshite said: VIPs of 1991 reprezent!!!! :-) :-)
  7. daizette said: I’m 21. My ignorant parents are like, “You’re too old to be this obsessed.” But the boys like themselves and they’re older than us so I’m pretty sure it’s okay for us to like them, too!
  8. mastahguk said: IM HERE FOR THE BOTH OF YOU <333. hey you guys can fangirl like little girls with me xD
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