Anonymous sent: i don't like it when asians bleach their hair, it looks so bad and unnatural =/

Well I don’t like it when non-Asians feel entitled to dictate what looks good and what looks bad on Asians so

  1. xilyjane said: Amen to this! —coming from an Asian girl with bleached blonde hair. <3 thanks love^^
  2. arafied said: "white people trying to tan". omg I am bowing down to you right now. haha.
  3. clovenn said: Preach, a non-asian or anyone should dictate how a person looks ever. There’s people who dye their hair pink or yellow like who the fuck cares.
  4. charcarbone said: HALLEJUAH SARA. YOU SAID IT GURL. I have my under layer bleached, my right top bright red, it shaved above. , and I’m Chinese. So ya; YOU TELL IT GUUURL.
  5. emtinboatshoes said: ohh snap, you tell em, sara.
  6. strangelylargeshinya said: preach it qurl
  7. gdragonswag said: NAILED IT
  8. aestheticsmaxima said: bow @ you