itll be 30 years in the future and ill be way out of my kpop phase and then ill suddenly remember haru haru and jam the fuck out bc no one truly forgets haru haru

VIPs dont forget to vote for the billboard fan army face off!were losing atm!  voting ends july 27th[vote here]

VIPs dont forget to vote for the billboard fan army face off!
were losing atm!  voting ends july 27th
[vote here]

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I’m a sucker for cute packaging 🐝 #marcjacobshoney

I’m a sucker for cute packaging 🐝 #marcjacobshoney

When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it

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Mino makes a heartfelt video message to the members… sitting right next to him (x)

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BigBang x Imagine Your Korea

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Just did this. My #mcm

Just did this. My #mcm

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Sailor Moon (1992) - Sailor Moon Crystal (2014)

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Anonymous sent: Since I got into kpop I've met a lot of other fans who are not Asian but dream of going to South Korea to do music. So I'm curious since you're Korean do you think that other Korean ppl would accept a non-Asian musician? Would you accept a non-Asian artist? This is assuming they know how to speak korean, and understand/respect the culture. And I don't just mean a non-Asian in kpop, because I know theirs more than kpop in Korea.

Acceptance of a non-Asian artist by Koreans would largely depend on the personality of the Korean individual and what genre that the non-Asian artist falls into. I think that Korean musicians in genres outside of kpop would be the most welcoming to non-Asian musicians because they tend to be young, open minded, and take a lot of inspiration from other non-Asian artists. Plus you wouldn’t have to worry about having the mainstream “kpop look” being a factor. If a talented non-Asian musician’s goal is respect, it’s very possible for them to obtain it, but if their goal is to become famous and widely recognized in Korea, that would be much, much more difficult.

Big Bang - To:Ur Imagination Teaser

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